Hi I’m Nick! Photographing has been a passion of mine as young as ten years old. It all began with a simple point and shoot Fuji FZ5, however my real fascination with photography developed when my dad introduced me to his Minolta film camera. After learning and experiencing taking pictures with the Minolta, I bought my own Minolta Maxxum 9 that enabled me to blast through countless rolls of slide, black and white and Kodachrome 64 film. Experience with this camera has brought me much of the patience and skills I use today.

The type of photographing I enjoy does not focus on any one particular style, but rather ranges from weddings and portraits to landscapes, industrial and some wildlife. I take pleasure in capturing photos in creative ways that reflect my creative personality. Additionally, I thrive from sharing and teaching others about using a camera. I have also had opportunities to shoot for various companies and events such as Burton Snowboards, New Zealand Ski Magazine, Canada Olympic Park Snowboard Competitions and Eastshore Energy Oil Company. These experiences have broadened my ideas and enabled me to keep an open mind about various photography styles.

Outside of taking photos, I enjoy working with and operating heavy equipment with Volker Stevin, skateboarding, snowboarding, river surfing, working with automotives, exploring the mountains and spending time with people I love.